Feature Request: Temporary Whitelist

(Ilya) #1

Not sure if it’s currently a feature, but it would be useful to have a temporary URL whitelist option, specifically with an expiration time. Currently I whitelisting by adding bypass in a PAC file, but it would be easier to perform a temporary whitelist that will expire and remove itself.

(David Creedy) #2


We can definitely add an ER to track this. Can you go into the steps you would want to do as an administrator, so I can document this correctly?


You can do a time-based pac file:

(Ilya) #4

Something similar to Time Interval under Access Control. I could add a URL to be accessible (bypass Zscaler filters) for a scheduled time or expiration date. So if a user needs access to a site, I have to option to allow access M-F 8am-5pm recurring or with an expiration date. This way I don’t forget to remove it from PAC file.