Feedback on new Access/Timeout Policy UI



I’m not a fan of the new UI design for viewing the policies. It is not efficient screen use and it is hard to read. I do appreciate that the logic is spelled out with ands and ors. I think it is a neat concept. But, it doesn’t seem to be practical for reading multiple policies with respect to one another.

(Todd) #2

I really like the information it provides, but I do agree it should be hierarchal and the initial view could be collapsed to provide something like the log view to allow for viewing a larger number of rules in the pane. It does solve a problem with some clients understanding the logic, so for new customers I think it is very informative. Operationally I think viewing more rules would be preferred.


(Kunal) #3

Andrew thanks for the feedback. We will be enhancing the ability to expand/collapse individual rules. Once this is released, by default the rule set will be collapsed, but Admin will be able to expand the entire rule set or a single rule.

The operators were added based on feedback from customers, who have both App Segments and Segment Groups configured. For these customers, it was not clear how the policy engine evaluated individual criterias and the goal with the new UI is to illustrate the logic used in the evaluation.

I shall send you a note to see if you are interested in reviewing details around the upcoming enhancements.