Fianlly Network Error

Good Morning,

Some of our users have problems logging in with ZCC, they remain authenticating and after a minute a network error message appears, they have tried to uninstall the APP, restart the PC, services, etc.

With some of these solutions it is possible to connect them, but the problem persists, it usually happens with users who have mobility within the office and change from cable to Wi-Fi, or are via Wi-Fi and change access point.

It seems that it is not a problem of the version, since it happens with anyone.

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Hi, can you check if there any there’s is any change in the endpint security solution installed on those users.

What error message do they get?

Good morning Ramesh,

Thanks for the answer, the antivirus discarded by the Microinformatic team, it must be something in the connection that causes that when a user moves, he loses connection and a network error appears.

There must be some reason why the app disconnects and se the error , first Authenticating… then Network Error, and the only way to reconnect is by uninstalling and reinstalling, sometimes turning off the pc and reconnecting …

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Are your running the latest ZCC?
There where some recent big fixes for these types of issues.

Good morning Gordon,

At this moment not, we have, we try the with the latest… when enable the build and test it.

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