Fiddler and VS Code (Visual Studio Code) and https

to debug some API things, I was asked by support to install fiddler.
Since I am accessing API via VS Code, it was a bit tricky for me to get it running, since it seems that VS Code does not use the Windows Cert Store - or at least my version did not do this and I did not find a setting to change this.
I tried File/Preferences/Application/Proxy: Disable Proxy Strict SSL without success.

However, what worked for me - after a lot of googleing:
Configure Fiddler proxy: File/Preferences/Application/Proxy:[fiddler port]
Save a copy from the Fiddler-Certificate from Windows Trusted ROOT CA certificate store as base64 (eg. fiddler.pem).
In my Pyhton Workplace folder I found under <…>\Lib\Site-packages\certifi a cacert.pem.
It seems that in this file trusted root certificates from VS Code are stored. So I opened cacert.pem in an editor and added the contend from fiddler.pem (Including BEGINN CERTIFICATE & END CERTIFICATE) to cacert.pem.
After restart of VS Code there was no longer the
“unable to get local issuer certificate (_ssl.c:997)” and my API worked and I could see the requests in fiddler. :star_struck:

Best regards