File Type Control - LOGS

Currently I have a WARNING set on download / upload of executables in ZIA, eventually i’d like to start blocking some, instead of just the Warning/Caution.

Is it possible to view logs for File Type Control? I have been unsuccessful in filtering traffic to see logs of this type (if it’s even possible). Any one have any advice/ideas?

Do you send your logs to a SIEM via NSS?
There you can exactly define which log fields you want to see.
See NSS Feed Output Format: Web Logs | Zscaler

I am not, I’ve been looking at logs from within ZIA

hmm, in ZIA you could filter logs for this; should do the trick - or?

Ahhh much apricated, I will give that a shot!

Was able to find logs with this search

Check if there is any Caution policy defined under file type control.

There is, but it produces no results. Setting to “Allowed with Caution” shows nothing. If I set the filter to “block” I see the logs I posted above. No other filter appears to display.