Forum Category Changes in January

We are moving into the second phase of the Information Architecture restructuring for the Zenith Community. You have already seen some of the changes that are part of this restructuring last week. If you missed those updates, check out the new cool changes to the forum navigation.

Starting the first week of January you are going to see new categories available that are aligned better with our product offerings. This effort is to help you find information quicker and post topics in areas that are more easily identifiable.

When the new categories go live, we will also restrict the old categories to Replies Only. This will allow for conversations that live in legacy categories to continue as is. New topics will be created in the new Product categories.

After the categories have been created, we will start the process of moving topics from the old categories into the new categories and ensuring proper tags are applied.

How you can help
As you continue to use the forum and the new category structure please always provide feedback on the availability of categories. This will help us identify needed areas of the community and start to formulate a better knowledge asset.

Additionally, if you want to move your own topics, you can do so easily by editing the title of the topic and changing the category instead of the topic title.

What’s this new structure?
The new structure is aligned to product features and capabilities. This will help with quickly finding the area to find your answer or ask your questions.

Tags in the new categories will be restricted to topic type. Tags are still optional for the time being. These tags will help us categorize types of topic posts for future categorization.

If you have any questions or concerns please let us know! We want to build a community that helps you all become the best Zero Trust and Zscaler experts!


The new categories have been launched. Legacy categories have been set to Reply only so that current threads can continue to be replied to while we work to migrate and move topics into their respective homes.

Thanks, everyone and we appreciate your patience while the dust flies around for a bit.


Hi @Ben_Garrison - Will the restructuring include adding the new Discourse sidebar?

I don’t think our theme supports the sidebar

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I lied… it is supported. What are your thoughts?