Forward Traffice using Zapp and GRE Tunnel

Hi All,

What are the side effects of having a Zapp inside a Trusted network where traffic is forwarded through a GRE tunnel. Will it create another tunnel inside the GRE tunnel?

We set the rule for Zapp to forward traffic to Zscaler(Using PROXY ${GATEWAY}:9400;…) even when inside a trusted network.

I understand we can set it to disable when inside a trusted network but if the GRE tunnel overrides the Zapp then no need.

Hi @Omar,

In the scenario you’re describing, you’re double-tunnelling. The GRE tunnel carries the Z App tunnel traffic - there is no override.

There is neglible overhead in this scenario, but as you described already, if it is desirable you can use trusted network criteria to adjust as required.

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Thanks for reply. :slight_smile: