Forwarding Port 8443 through GRE Tunnel


Is there a way to forward port 8443 through Zsacler, using ZCC tunnel 1.0 or GRE Tunnel.

If you did try it, did you face any issues.

We noticed some websites use port 8443 which is not inspected by Zscaler.

Using Zscaler tunnel 2.0 is not an option.

Hi Omar,
If you are using ZCC and the web traffic is proxy aware, you can use “Tunnel with Local Proxy” to tunnel port 8443 traffic to Zscaler cloud. ZCC Tunnel 1.0 only intercepting port 80 and port 443.

If there is GRE in place, then this can bring the port 8443 traffic transparently to Zscaler cloud.

I hope this is useful for you.

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Hi Omar,

Please refer below link for more information:-

Tunnel mode 1.0 intercepts tcp port 80 and 443.

But you can configure a PAC file (forwarding profile PAC) to forward http(s) traffic on non-standard ports to be directed to client connector. This is done by using the tunnel with local proxy method to explicitly forward to localhost:9000

Attaching screenshot for reference.

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