FTP access problems?

(Robert) #1


Our Company just started to use Zscaler Business Bundle.
It is managed by an external company.

Yesterday my office was connected through Zscaler and almost directly we
realized that we couldn’t use ftp? Whenever we try to connect to a remote
site we get error: 403 Access not allowed by your Company policy

We contacted the company that manages our Zscaler settings and they told us
that they have enabled FTP over HTTP and also native FTP so the problem is
not in Zscaler.

Is that really true though? Can’t it be that some firewall or other policy set
in Zscaler is what’s stopping us?

Just trying to understand how this works and rule out things.


(Scott Bullock) #2

Hi Rob,
Sounds like your partner has had the right licenses activated, perhaps they need to check the policy. Best raise a case on them again, if they push back you an always ensure they back-end a case to Zscaler support to help you resolve this.

Note that Zscaler has not trouble allowing FTP and 403 indicates a policy block.



(Gordon Wright) #3

I have a similar problem when using FTP with ZApp as a Road Warrior. Although a Wireshark PCAP shows the traffic bypassing ZApp the FTP connection fails. Nothing in the Insight logs to show a connection Allow/Drop as expected as we can see it bypassing ZApp. When you disable ZApp the FTP connection completes successfully.

(Justin Johnson) #4

My company is also experiencing this. Will report back if we find an appropriate fix.