Full Tunnel VPN -- Zscaler Client Connector


We’ve encountered with an issue where one of our end-user is using a client provided VPN which is working in Full Tunnel Mode (Complete Traffic is going via VPN Network).

How ever, we’ve noticed that there is no proper Default Route defined in the routing table but still the traffic is passing via Client Network…

Due to this, we are unable to add Trusted NW in our Forwarding Profile Configuration to make ZCC disabled when the user is connected to VPN.

Zscaler is interfering here with VPN Traffic and causing access issues.

Can someone share any suggestions to resolve this ?

Rahul V

Can you look at these configuration, zcc can either identify the vpn as fill tunnel or split tunnel based on these configurations.

Hello Ramesh,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I’ve seen these settings & noticed that trusted NW will evaluated against adapters with default route.

In our case, There is no default route in the route table but still the traffic is going via Client VPN Network.

Rahul V