Getting Captive portal detected error frequently

while working from home getting Captive portal detected error frequently if we click retry the error cleared and the ZCC app is getting connected and after some the error keep on repeating.

Any help would be much appreciated

Hi there,

The ZCC periodically checks connectivity to http:// gateway.[zscalercloudname].net/zcc_conn_test (note, replace [zscalercloudname] with your Zscaler cloud - i.e. zscaler, zscloud, zscalerone, zscalertwo, zscalerthree etc.) If ZCC receives a HTTP/204 response, it assumes it has open internet connectivity. If ZCC receives any other response code (i.e. HTTP/200, HTTP/403), it assumes it is behind a captive portal and will display the notification you are seeing.

I would verify (via a wireshark trace) if the connectivity check is being suppressed by something on your machine - i.e. Windows firewall or similar.

I hope that helps.

Best regards, Marc

Where is home?
We often see this in countries that have intrusive government Internet filtering like China and Indonesia.

There was some issue in Beijing datacenter due to this in ZCC app user were getting Captive Portal error.
So Zscaler TAC migrate users traffic from Beijing ZEN tower to Beijing III Zen tower.

Are there findings on this topic? Around 8:00PM Central Standard Time/12:00PM China Standard Time I was alerted by a user of a similar issue.

Last night we had a user who is affected by a PAC to communicate with sha2 DC in Shanghai and the fallback is bjs3 in Beijing. The user started communicating with Osaka, Japan and was intercepted by GFW and placed in the “Captive Portal Detected”. Seems to be the result when connectivity to gateway.[zscalercloudname].net is lost. As while I was looking into this, my modem reset and I too was momentarily in the captive protal.

@rawat.pardeep ,

What issue at Beijing DC? And if there is an issue with Beijing DC, why would our user be sent to Osaka, Japan. I see nothing on for my zscaler gateway. I have no idea why bjs3 would have an issue and then a user in China would then resolve to a DC in Japan, outside China GFW. I think my issue is pointed at how users are attempting to connect to ZCC service edges and am actively trying to understand if this is a configurational issue on my end.

Are there others that notice the similar issues with users in China?

@Ryan_N we are still waiting for TAC output for RCA…

I have a ticket open myself on this issue, however I still do not see a Beijing DC issue for my assigned Zscaler cloud.

I will reach out to Zscaler to identify this issue that is not on Zscaler Trust . The most recent issue I see for Beijing is 03oct22. And 10nov22 for Shanghai - pointed to an unresolved issue. See below.

Thanks and good luck!