Getting error while adding a user to a group

Hello Team,

We are facing issue while adding a user account to a group in Zscaler portal. Below is the error:

Name does not belong to UTF-8 alphanumeric set

Any suggestions to overcome this?

Rahul V

OK Rahul, I’ll be the guy that gives the obvious answer :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : So it sounds like you need to identify the non-UTF-8 character and rename the group or create a second group with the same members and use it in Zscaler UI. Have you been able to find the special character or do you think this is a false positive or bug in the admin UI?

I’m guessing it’s something simple like an underscore or blank space, but the technical answer of what is not allowed in a UTF-8 compliant name is included below, although it occurs to me now that it may be something like an underscore, which may be used in a lot of user names and therefore not easy to remove/replace easily. Let me know if that’s the case and meanwhile, I’ll check to see if anyone has encountered something like this and how they resolved it.

A byte-order mark (BOM) U+FEFF, aka zero-width no -break space (ZWNBSP), cannot appear unencoded in UTF - 8 — the bytes 0xFF and 0xFE are not permitted in valid UTF - 8 . An encoded ZWNBSP can appear in a UTF - 8 file as 0xEF 0xBB 0xBF, but the BOM is completely superfluous in UTF - 8

Hello Harris,

I don’t think the issue is not with the group name. There are many other users in the same group.

I am seeing this issue only when adding one specific user. And there are no special characters in that user name as well.