Global ZPA Outage - Start Time: Wed, 01 Jun 2022 05:10:20 UTC

Does anyone have any inside information to share about this outage?
Advice I have from our TAM from 40 minutes ago is that the entire leadership team is engaged on this and there are no technical updates from engineering yet.

We are also facing this issue. Engineering team is working on this and no work around as of now.

Our ZPA service has just returned to normal. We are on the Sydney datacentres.

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Yes resolved for us as well.


This should be fixed now

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Do you have a little more background info / RCA what caused the ZPA outage? Few minutes ago we received an RCA from Microsoft concerning a disruption of AzureAD and other Azure services within the same time/date-window…

Solved, received RCA via our Zscaler Provider.

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