.gov websites are not working from Zscaler

Hi Team,

Most of the .gov websites in other countries ( AMERS / APAC) are not working from India and Philippines. We can route them from pac file but is there any possible workaround ?

Kindly share your thoughts.


My suggestion would be to create a TLD (Top Level Domain) URL Category in ZIA for “.gov”. Once you have created this you can then add this to an SSL Inspection bypass rule to not inspect traffic destined to a TLD of .gov.


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I think we can build a rule in Pac files for this and can be placed before the default rule… So basically your rule contain a wild card match for you .gov domain and then redirect them to region specific Zscaler Proxy nodes

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We find a lot of .gov websites use geo-location to only allow traffic from in-country IP addresses. If you are using an out of country Service Edge this may cause problems.

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