Hidden RPC services Vulnerabilities detected on ZPA VM Connectors

When we ran a Vulnerability scan for ZPA Connectors deployed on Azure, we can see Hidden RPC services vulnerabilities popping up. We are thinking of disabling these RPCbind services on these Connectors , Will this impact anything?

Hi Sachin, Thank you for posting, and welcome to Zenith Community.

If you haven’t read this yet:

Specifically the section on Operating System Security.

and this section https://help.zscaler.com/zpa/about-connector-software-updates

It doesn’t answer your specific question about RPCbind, it’s more general. I would be personally surprised if those RPC bind services would be a problem to disable, but it’s not one I’ve tried disabling myself.

Thank You for the reply,

Okay, but if we disable RPC services that won’t any other functionality on the Connectors? like AD or NFS (NFS is anyways disabled on the Connectors)