Hide ZCC from showing in taskbar

Is there a way to hide the Zscaler Client Connector icon from showing up in the taskbar?

Customer request.

I think this would have to be achieved with some sort of management policy. Using GPO or an MDM solution to do this. I don’t “think” that there is a way to do this natively within the app.

This would be a great resource for the community if someone was able to provide a policy description of this. Either through Intune or JAMF etc.

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wondering what would be a legit usecase to completely+permanently hide ZCC icon to be shown in the tasktray?
What can easily be done is to not be permanently visible but still being there; see here

Hi Thomas,

this was a customer request - they don’t want the users to interact with the icon as some have gotten adventures with clicking around, so disabling it completely would be ideal.

Similar to AV solutions, I know Crowdstrike allows you to hide the icon from taskbar.

Guess the only way (without ZS providing some option to hide the icon via setting a ‘hidetrayicon’ registry key or alike) would be to disable the WHOLE notification area to be shown.

That would be possible by setting a key in registry…
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer\ NoTrayItemsDisplay
DWORD, set to 1