High CPU usage from C:\Program Files (x86)\Zscaler\ZSAUpm


We are seeing high CPU usage from service ZSAUpm on some of our assets. My understanding is this service is related to ZDX. We do not have ZDX enabled on these assets. Does anyone know what this service could be doing or why it is running if we are not using ZDX on these machines.

Thank you

Yes, ZSAUpm is ZDX. Are you sure you don’t have it enabled? It would show up as a “Digital Experience” tab in ZCC if enabled.

Check your client side log files (C:\ProgramData\Zscaler) and see if you have ZSAUpm*.log files. Those log files should give an indication of what the process is doing.

ZDX enablement is controlled in the ZCC portal under Administration, Zscaler Service entitlement.

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