How are your organizations allowing DLP without any user reporting capabilities? It's a show stopper for us

I am having a major challenge with DLP and Malware/security when working with anything web based. 90% of internet based file services (google drive, gmail, icloud, box) utilize rich API functions for their uploaders. DLP works fine but there is no chance for a web based alert when uploading gets blocked. Our large organization blasts our helpdesk when an upload gets blocked or an attachment can’t be included because the web API just fails with a “failure” message and users don’t get any type of alert from zscaler saying it was blocked via policy.

It works for simple uploads that don’t have rich API but uploaders and such make things hard so I can’t have any outgoing DLP policies in place. Are there any other options out there so that I can educate my users when an upload gets blocked due to policy?

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I believe DLP Zscaler Client Notifications are coming soon. Stay tuned for that.

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End User Notifications via Zscaler Client Connector are coming soon as part of the 6.2 release, which will be rolling out in the next 90 days.

We also have 3rd party API integration for notifications via Slack and Teams to handle non-web notifications.