How can I connect my IP camera to the Zscaler cloud

Hi everyone,

I have a consumer device which a WiFi IP camera, I’d like to connect it to zscaler cloud solution.
Please note that the device that I want to connect is a consumer device and I am not allowed to program or configure, I can only connect the camera to an AP.
Would anybody guide me to connect my device to zscaler cloud?

Thank you!

This will not be possible unfortunately.

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BR, this is probably not the answer you were looking for…but the only way this will work is if you have either a GRE or IPsec tunnel from the customer’s location to Zscaler. You then would set up a location in the ZIA tenant (Admin > Location Management) for this camera’s network / VLAN disabling authentication. Think of the camera as an IOT device that does not support ZCC on it, or a Guest Wi-Fi network whereas authentication is disabled as well. Hope that helps.


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@Pat_Nicholson The problem is that the customer is using a modem(consumer device) to connect to the internet and the modem doesn’t support IPSec neither GRE

Okay, then yeah…there is not much you can do here unfortunately. Either ZCC, GRE, or IPsec is the only way you can forward traffic to Zscaler.

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How about PAC files, can’t we take advantage of it?

Yes, PAC files would be an option as well. But I would assume a consumer grade camera would not support that, hence the reason why I didn’t bother mentioning it.

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@Pat_Nicholson I think the only solution is that the customer buy some kind of a router and implement IPSec on that router and connect the camera to that router.
What do you think about that solution?

Hello BR. Yeah, I think that’s the best solution. Take a look at this, it should help you get started if the customer chooses to go the IPsesc route - Configuring an IPSec VPN Tunnel | Zscaler