How fast does zscaler perform categorization of an URL?

I went at different customers and I have mostly see the same challenge, they want to block unknown category.

A lot of websites are not yet categorized by ZSCALER, not a big risk if you use ssl decryption and sandboxing, … (setup the correct risk level) but some websites are offending and not blocked.

So how fast does ZSCALER categorize a website ?
some other cloud SASE does it by the number of requests they have (hits)
others does it by default within 48 h…

even if the support of Zscaler is great, we have a liste of more then 3000 sites / day not categorized.
and we have support only to perform 100 a week.

So what’s the mechanism behind for categorization of the websites ?


Hi Michael,

We categorize unknown URLs by number of hits. To bring down the overall miscellaneous and unknown transaction %, we regularly review cloud-wide URLs and classify the top reachable ones.
Customers interested in getting their URLs reviewed on priority have subscribed to Priority Categorization Service. Please reach out to Zscaler sales representative to discuss about this service. You can copy me also.
Please send your org details on my email and we can discuss more on this topic and find a solution.

Sr. Product Manager, Zscaler