How the URL category work in Zscaler proxy

Hello team,
I’m new to the zscaler web proxy and I need some inputs in categorization. Please clarify

I found some traffic is allowed in my organization network where that URL has categorized as “Suspicious destination” in Zscaler proxy.

urlclass : Advanced Security Risk
urlsupercategory : Advanced Security
urlcategory : Suspicious Destination

As I mentioned above, this traffic is allowed. Please share some inputs like how to change the configuration in zscaler web-proxy for blocking this category traffics automatically.

Hi Natraj,

Advanced Threat Protection subscription is required to block URLs in urlclass : Advanced Security Risk. If you have the subscription, please check Advanced Threat Protection settings if this category is blocked.
Please check with Support team about subscription if unsure.


Hi Pankaj,

Thanks for your time and reply to my post :slight_smile:

I will check for urlclass configuration. But one clarification needed, please confirm that zscaler will automatically block “suspicious Destination” urlcategory traffic’s ?