How to add cloud app into Enterprise collaboration category

(Alex) #1

Is there a way to submit a request to add Into ZScaler
Enterprise Collaboration category so it could be used in CLOUD APP CONTROL POLICY?
We have to control as a cloud based app.
Would this go as an FRE?
DocuSign is another app.


(Scott Bullock) #2

Hi Alex,
Yes, we have a process for this. You’re correct that’s it’s an “ER” in
Zscaler, or and Enhancememt Request.

Please submit via Zscaler support and/or your Account Manager/SE.

Many thanks,

(Dhawal Sharma) #3

WE are much more agile in adding new apps with a release. If there is a deal breaker, file an ER and send an email to myself and @PSD to track it.