How to bypass multiple URLs with one definition in the ZCC portal

I specified the URL of “” in the “Host name or Ipaddress Bypass for vpn gateway” setting in the App Profile of the ZCC management portal.
However, when a subdirectory or subdomain was added to the “” URL, it was no longer bypassed.
Does anyone know how to specify all URLs including “” in the App Profile settings?

I want to minimize the number of URLs to set.

Naoki - I’m afraid you have to specify each subdomain. It resolves the domain provided so using a wildcard like asterisk won’t work. So the solution would be to assign a PAC file in the app profile and bypass using the PAC file where wildcard (e.g. “*”) can be used as well as URI, including directories (e.g. “”).

From the help portal:
If you use a hostname in the VPN Gateway Bypasses, Zscaler Client Connector resolves the hostname to an IP address before adding it to the bypass. For every hostname entered, a DNS resolution is performed by the client.

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I agree with Mark. You cannot use wildcard in VPN bypass. PAC file is the way to go here.
On a slightly different angle, if there is any chance you do not NEED to bypass this, you could start with putting it in a custom URL category retaining parent category and just do SSL bypass for it. Just a thought.

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