How to deauthenticate a session in ZPA

I have set-up a VPN connection using my credentials (two factor through Memority app) but now I want to logout/de-authenticate.
There is no button in the app to do this, also when I go to I can logout there, but this does not de-authenticate my zscaler session, switch off->on, and reboot, same result, still connected using my authentication, so Now I need to wait for the time-out to kick in, this can be 1 week…
How do I de-authenticate?

Verify the reauthentication policy in ZPA.

All I have is the app shown , I do not see any button or menu item saying “Verify Policy” or something similar. I do not have access to any admin console etc for Zscaler, but I am a local admin on the workstation

there is any option in ZPA portal to configure reauthentication policy.

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I do not want to change any policy, I just want to deauthenticate.
I do not have access to this portal and even if I had access I do not have the rights to change any policy.
I ONLY have the app and admin rights on my workstation. Nothing else besides access to IP.ZSCALER.COM

What are you trying to accomplish?

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Are you simply wanting to logout? Upper right arrorw image if that is what your looking for.


Logout intervals and passwords are controlled via the your Zscaler administrator, you should contact your Zscaler admin if you need to logout password, or need any timeouts adjusted.

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