How to exempt a group of specific users from SSL Decrytpion for some specific URL's

Hi everyone,

I am using ZIA as an Admin in my company where we have a group of developers for whom we want to apply an SSL decryption Exemption for some URL’s.

What I do for the moment is SSL decryption exemption for developers needed URL’s for all users in the company by creating a URL category for those URLs.

So now, I need to apply this URL category exemption only for the developers that need these exemption. I don’t find a way to configure that.

Can you help me to find a way doing this please ?

Thank you in advance.

Louey :slight_smile:

Hi Louey,
Currently it is not possible to create SSL exemptions for specific users/groups. This is a feature in our roadmap and part of next major release 6.1, tentatively in Q2 2021 CY.


Thank’s for your answer Pankaj :slight_smile:

Best regards