How to get a new IP address?

Hello All, (Reposting since no replies on the other group)

Our users are assigned an IP address from the San Francisco IV block by zApp. We are configured to get one of 512 (?) available addresses and they are randomly assigned to our users when they first visit the internet. This assignment is persistent. (I’ve had the same IP for over three week now).

The problem: one of the IPs assigned to our users is black-flagged due to it being used by a SPAM / BOT.

We use Cloudflare service to protect our website. Every one of our users with the suspicious IP visits our site, they are challenged by a Captcha because Cloudflare considers traffic from this IP “suspicous”. Since the IP is cached for my users, they see the Captcha every time they visit our website. Our business requires them to visit several times a day. So they are challenged several times a day.

Q: Is there a way to get the zApp to assign a new IP to my users (so they are not forced to continue using the problematic IP)?

Thank you,

Raise a ticket with Zscaler. I’m sure they will be interested in getting the IP blacklist removed by Cloudflare.