How to get ZCCA-IA certification?

(Hariharan) #1


I’m a network security admin and I currently working in ZIA ,now like to get certified in ZCCA-IA so someone tell how to do that.

(Chris Leach) #2

Hi Hari,

Welcome to the Zscaler Community! At this time, we can only sell training credits to Zscaler Customers and Partners. We are working on the ability to sell training credits on our website but this is still a couple months away.

We will make an announcement here when that mechanism is available.

If you work for a Zscaler Customer or Partner send an e-mail to from your work e-mail address and we can help.

(Hariharan) #3

Hi Cleach,

Thanks for your information and I’m looking forward for your new announcements and updates.