How to log out and log in end users without requiring them to enter a password

Hi Zscaler & Community,

I have implemented changes that require users to completely exit Zscaler and log out, then back in, for the changes to take effect. The only issue is, when we disable/remove Zscaler from device on ZCC it requires the user to enter a password, as opposed to an auto-login which would be much preferred.

Users will refrain from logging in therefore creating more issues than solutions. Were there any workarounds/solutions that could achieve this? Thanks!

  • Liam

Hi Liam,

This might help but we havent enabled this yet
Enabling Browser-Based Authentication | Zscaler


What changes require you to completely logout and login of Zscaler?

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Could you goto Zscaler Cloud Security: My IP Address and hit the Logout button ?

Removing the device from the Enrolled devices overview invalidates the authentication token, forcing Zscaler Client Connector to log out.
I would love to hear about the exact use case that mandates this action because forcing a log-off is typically unnecessary.

Subsequently, with SSO enabled, the user can seamlessly log in again.

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