How to prioritize user-defined URLs over URLs defined in the super category

There is a URL that I want to set as SSL inspection exclusion, and I added the target URL after creating a URL category for SSL inspection exclusion, but by applying the super category defined by default, SSL inspection exclusion is applied. It looks like the category doesn’t work as expected.

Is there a way to prioritize user definitions over the default super categories?

I don’t want to edit to the default super category.

I am not fully clear on the problem you have with the super category?

An URL does have a regular category and a super Category. When you create a custom URL category for SSL exception the custom category is assigned, but please explain where you get into conflict with the Super Category.

If you create a URL category for SSL exceptions, you can best configure the SSL exceptions under the URLs retaining parent category, the original URL category remains. But you still can apply your SSL exceptions.

Also if you bypass URL’s for inspection. The action is Do not Inspect. Make sure that you select Evaluate Other Policies if you want certificate and URL filtering policy to be enforced.

With the new SSL policy it is also possible to add SSL exceptions to a IP/FQDN group instead of using a Customer URL category. This way you don’t have any conflict with custom URL categorization.

You can do this by creating a destination group based on IP, FQDN or Wildcard Domains.
Then instead of URL category you select Destination Group in the SSL policy.

thank you for your reply!

In the ZIA log, the “URL category” column does not show anything for SSL inspection exclusion and it says “Company / Marketing”.

Should I set the SSL inspection exclusion URL as the parent category retention under the category “Company / Marketing”?

When setting a URL for parent category retention, what is the best way to set it?

Sorry, I missed your reply.

If you want to use an URL category you can best create a custom category for SSL exceptions, and add the entries in the section with parent category retention.

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thank you for your reply!

Now you understand the SSL inspection exclusion settings when using URL categories.
Also, I’m sorry that the question content of the topic is messy.