How to re-authenticate ZCC clients

Hi, just posting a question on how can we re-authenticate ZCC users? “Force re-authentication” does not apply to ZCC clients as per documentation. Authentication frequency setting only applies to browsers. What would be the option for ZCC then? Please help.


For ZPA you can set timeout policies that will force re-authentication. For ZIA I’m not aware of something like this. I would like to see it as an enhancement e.g. to reevaluate conditional access policies.

That leaves us to reinstall the agents via GPO. Manual logout/login on each agents will be a nightmare. So yeah, i hope Zscaler will have this feature soon.

Removing the machine from the Enrolled Devices overview will invalidate the authentication token and as such, it will cause the Client Connector to log out. Not sure if that is what you’re looking for?

I think that’s a good idea. Worth trying. Thanks

Just an update. The solution worked although you have to do it per user. Still can’t find ways to trigger it to all our 5K users. Maybe, reinstallation via GPO is the only solution available now.

Hello Joseph, Have you seen this post? Zapp authentication frequency - #7 by mfaris

Hello Nikolay,

I just saw it now. Good to know that there’s a product enhancement request about it.

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