How to spoof destination IP


My company use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and to be able to test the changes before activating to production I have to “spoof” the destination IP by editing the hosts file (as described here Using host file spoofing technique to test a staging server – Torbjorn Zetterlund)

Since the introduction of Zscaler this doesn’t work anymore. Question is, how do I spoof the destination IP with Zsclaer enabled?

Please note, I do not work at the IT department and I’m not admin of Zscaler at my company. Just a simple user not able to test my CDN changes.

Cheers, Magnus

Hi @Magnus_Schon, welcome to the Zscaler Community.

For this testing, it sounds like Zscaler is enforcing your employers policy, so at the moment we’re likely following the design as implemented by your organisation. There’s a few ways your workflow could be policed via Zscaler, and your team should be able to understand the problem and find a resolution so you can get about your business.

If you IT team have any issues helping you resolve this for you, they will know how to engage our support and success teams should they need to.

I hope you’re able to resolve this soon.