How to uninstall ZCC

Hi Team, the subscription for our company has expired. The users got logged out of the ZCC before we could uninstall the app from their device. Now the major challenge we are facing is that we are not able to uninstalled the ZCC from the machines because we are not aware of the uninstall password. Now if we use the new logout password it doesn’t get synchronized with the users as they are already logged out and ZCC is not communicating with the portal and a one-time password is not an option because we have more than 500 machines from where we need to uninstall the Zapp.

Is there any other way through which we can uninstall the app in such situation?

Hi Shashank,
you can use SCCM for uninstall
If you have the access to Zscaler portal , Go to mobile portal App profile and collect the password. Check with your account team and TAM or CSM who can help to recover the passwords.

Ramesh M