How to view exported logs file (.enc)

When you export the log files form the Zscaler App they appear in the .enc format. My systems has these associated with WireShark but they do not open nor are they readable with a text editor like notepad. please advise.

Hi Brad, In older versions of the client connector, you get that .enc file. Newer version give you a zip file. The .enc file is encrypted for transport to Zscaler for support. Internally, we have to use a tool to decrypt this file. All of the logs contained there are accessible from the machine locally in C:\ProgramData\Zscaler on Windows.

hmm I’m new to zscaler but our portal shows the latest version available being

Hi Brad,

You need to disable the always latest version setting and change it to either one of these options shared below in the screenshot:

You can then reach out to our support team via a support case and request them to enable the latest version of the Zscaler Client Connector (formerly Zscaler App) for your organization.

Thanks & Regards
Ajar Mayor