How ZPA accelerates IT integration during M&A

(Lisa Lorenzin) #1

The technical side of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activities are always full of challenges. Quite often these events require that users have access to systems from both companies, even though there are often overlapping IP addresses. Because users need to get working quickly, it often means a lot of work for IT staff members and a poor user experience for employees who need to access both systems.

With Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) we provide a shortcut to integration. Instead of immediately diving in and rebuilding services we can deploy ZPA connectors. The ZPA connector can provide seamless access to resources of both organizations without concern for the IP addressing of the actual servers. This provides the necessary breathing room for IT organizations to do the right thing, while business users have the access they need.

In this introduction I’ll cover how the system works in a typical M&A scenario. Next you’ll want to read through @Nathan_Howe’s guide The network architect’s guide to accelerating mergers & acquisitions with a software-defined perimeter

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