Https:// site for non admin users

(Alex) #1

We would like to allow end users to check w/o a need to create an admin account. Is there a way to make this site accessible for SSO authenticated users w/o admin rights?

(Scott Bullock) #2

Hi @avshch,
Site Review should be available anyone going through the Zscaler service, there’s not an admin requirement. Please check to verify you are routing through Zscaler then access

Many thanks,
Scott @skottieb

(Alex) #3

Great news! I will add the link to my users via SSO portal. Thanks,

(Scott Bullock) #5

Can you please post the output of

(Alex) #6

I realize I was using client which was not on ZScaler cloud when trying to
access the site. So everything is fine and the site works for the users
which are on ZScaler cloud. Thanks,

(Scott Bullock) #7

Glad to hear you’re OK an working.

(Chris Louie) #8

I also tested without going through the Zscaler service and it worked fine.

Warm Regards,