IDP Metadata Limit


What is the max size of the metadata file these days? Has it been increased? I think the max a while ago was in the KBs, not MBs.

(Kunal) #2

Hi Andrew,

The ZPA SAML metadata file is about 3KB in size. The file size has not changed in the past 12 months. Are you having issues with uploading the metadata file into the Admin UI?



My apologies. I meant the SAML response from our IDP. We had an issue with a user data being too large, and authentication was rejected, so we stripped out lot of the data we were sending.

(Kunal) #4

Yes, the max size for SAML response in ZPA is currently at 60K. Customers have been able to work around this limitation, by reducing the # of groups that are sent in the SAML response for a user.


(AlexW) #5

HI Andrew,

if you are running MS ADFS as an IDP I can sent you an example how we have achieved a Group filtering to Keep the SAML token small.