I'm looking for a comparison between PaloAlto Prisma (Access product) and Zscaler

Palo Alto is launching and distributing Prisma products to the SASE market.

Public cloud products are identified as products in the CASB area,
The Access product appears to be a competitor in the same area as ZIA/ZPA.

Do you have any comparative data on Zscaler and prisma access products?

After sharing the data, I am going to open a comparison point on this.

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Hi @jwbang, Zscaler has a comprehensive set of cloud security offered that are competitive to PAN.

Starting with our 1st ever product, Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) a globally distributed Cloud Proxy, Firewall, IPS, Threat Prevention, Sandbox, inline DLP. This was developed as a cloud service, launched as a cloud service, and in many ways was the foundation SASE before Gartner joined the term, and the resulting market paper.

ZPA is a real ZTNA solution, not a rebranded VPN.

We also have CASB, CSPM and CWPP capabilities. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone with a more robust set of capabilities that are inline with the true principles of being SASE.

Please let me know if there’s anything else you need as you start building our your comparison.