In case of multiple idps what idp will be used for authentication?

I’m working on a project migration from adfs to azure ad, and I have a few questions.
First, we have ADFS as the default idp for all the domains on any location and I made a test domain uses azure AD as idp now when I authenticate with the test account I can not determine which idp i’m using.
does the authentication is done by numeric order (1 is Azure AD) or it will use the default?
and do i need to exclude the test domain from ADFS?
and is there any way i can test to verify that the integration is done successfully?
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You can add domain or location in the IDP configuration. More specific will be contacted 1st.
In 2nd IDP if you add domain while configuring then it would be contacted.
However, You can take developer or fiddler and check redirect URL to check which IDP is going to.

Hello, thank you for your response, so if I understood here it will use the more specific if the default (adfs) is set for any domain and the idp for azure is for our specific domain it wil choose azure:

it’s hard to check with fiddler cause i use ZCC and not a web browser.
Thank you again.

The flowchart on this help page should help answer your question:

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