Information relay/available based on deployment

Hi Guys,

Appreciate if anyone can share their experience or knowledge o type of Information relay to Zscaler differentiate based on deployment GRE, PAC, IPSec & Zapp (e.g. Internal IP, hostname or Username).

GRE+ ZCC+PAC is the best deployment option as per experience.

Hi @ramesh.mani1,

Appreciate the feedback, can you share what type of information relay to Zscaler e.g. GRE deployment customer will have broad view of username,hostname, IP address.

We receive the enquiry from customer security team which also related to my post. Thanks

Through GRE you should at least 80 and 443 traffic without NAT.


Hostname and username will collect the ZCC once the user is authenticated.

What goals are you trying to achieve?

Hi @ramesh.mani,

Appreciate the feedback. Does that mean PAC and Zapp will have limited information, compares with GRE?. Thanks

Hi @GordonWright,

I’m actually quite new with Zscaler, understand that each deployment will have limitation in term of application or data stream support.

The question we receive are from customer security & the server team since they can see that there are multiple information available at Zscaler insight and would like to know the differentiate especially username & IP address which is related to my other post on transparent authentication.

This will help you-