Integrating Microsoft MCAS and the Zscaler Cloud

Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) is a CASB solution. This solution natively integrates with various Microsoft products platforms. MCAS is also extensible with a plugin architecture to allow it to connect to other products.

Zscaler has a two-way integration that leverages Zscaler’s API and our Nanolog Streaming Service (NSS). In this demonstration I’ll walk you through setting up the integration between MCAS and Zscaler.

We’ll start by setting up an NSS feed from the Zscaler cloud to MCAS. This will stream the logs to MCAS for it to process and take action on. Once MCAS has the logs we’ll see logs as they come in. You can then build out a policy for various events, and MCAS can signal back to Zscaler based on those events. This update to Zscaler happens over the Zscaler API.

You can find out more about MCAS at

You’ll find our solution guide for the MCAS and Zscaler integration at