Integration of HPE ARUBA


(Holger Schwickart) #1


I am now involved in customer PoC using Zscaler in combination with ARUBA.
This vendor is mentioned on your SD-WAN web page.

Has someone practical experience of integrating this vendor? Best practices, tech docs etc?
All types of info and help appreciated. Zscaler SE Mario already involved, but there is no experience in this special topic, as it is relatively new.


(Charles Repain) #2

I’ve found this :

(Andy Logan) #3

Hi @holschwi

I reached out to one of my former colleagues at Aruba, he sent over this integration guide.

ZscalerIntegration.pdf (3.4 MB)

(Pat Nicholson) #4

I am a new SE from Aruba Networks and the document shared by Andy Logan is all I was aware of from an integration perspective.

(Holger Schwickart) #5

Hi guys,

many thanks. That was the guide the customer has gotten, too. The customer PoC is now deployed at BUT Aruba Enterprise isn´t aware of that domain and you cannot configure i.e. as it is stated as invalid domain ( would be accepted, just a test if anything works :wink: ).
I recommended to open a ticket at Aruba to get their things updated. Might be a good idea if somebody from Zscaler who is responsible for those SD-WAN integrations may talk to HPE Aruba to get some speed on implementation.
The other way a manual instruction to configure a tunnel manually would even help (like the HOWTOs for Cisco / Forti etc.). I sent the Zscaler guideline for IPsec to customer, but he was not able to configure a running tunnel to Zscaler.


(Andy Logan) #6

OK, that’s a very different issue than we understood from your original post, thanks for letting us know. @Eddie_Parra might have the right contacts to let them know what needs updating.

(Holger Schwickart) #7

Hi awl,

the first answer was ok! I needed some info as a start. But using this information led us to
the domain problem (usage of in Aruba platform. Wanted just to keep all the stuff inside 1 threat!

(Andy Logan) #8

OK thanks for the additional info, I’ll ping my contacts over at Aruba and see if they can get one of their folks to take a look.

(Holger Schwickart) #9

one of the customers guys talked to Aruba. They said, szenario was tested with and only this is implemented. What a pitty, as >90% of Zscaler customers are on the other clouds.

(Andy Logan) #10

that’s really odd, let me follow up with them and we’ll see what happens. Thanks again for the info!

(Holger Schwickart) #11

many thanks :+1:
hope that helps