Internal error please contact administrator. [3100]

I am getting an error on Client Connector saying “Internal error please contact administrator-[3100]”
I’ve done several things, but no success … here what i have done already.

  1. Downgrade the latest version from to ( no success)
  2. I checked the community and says to install recent version Internal error please contact administrator. [3100] zscaler (no success)
  3. I cleaned up Zscaler register entries and reinstalled latest version ( no success)
  4. I checked the logs, and gives a message that something is wrong, but not conclusive (please, see log file attached)

May someone help please? Thank you!

Hi Miguel,
I do not see any logs attached. I would recommend to open a support case so they can investigate the logs and see what is causing the issue. One thing you can check is to point your browser to gateway.[cloudname].net and try to web browse and see if the authentication works via the web browser

Thank you and I opened a ticket already. Looks like, ZS cloud has registration of the device from a previous PoV performed with a customer. Thank you and appreciated your support!

What was the solution for this error ? Could you please update here, cause one of my end customer facing same issue.

Either you have to long on the instance and remove the client or if the instance doesn’t exist anymore, then Zscaler has to fix it