Internet Access after ZAPP user authenticate


(Ramesh M) #1

Hi Team,
One of customer deployment, customer can access internet only after he authenticate in zapp.
Customer corporate IT team is pushing the zapp through SCCM or some other tool.
Now the customer is expecting to pop up the notification on end user machine if he doesn’t login the zapp before access internet.

Do we have such authentication notification ? Any other way to notify the customer when is start access internet.

(David Creedy) #2

Hi, I assume you mean Strict Enforcement?

If the user attempts to navigate to a page and Z App is not logged it, they should be warned in their browser that they need to connect Z App. Is this working?

(Ramesh M) #3

Yes this is strict enforcement mode.
Customer not getting any warning or redirection page to IDP on the browser.
Started working if the user authenticate in browser.

(David Creedy) #4

If we are just talking about Z App, not tunnels (GRE/IPSEC etc), there should be no authentication in the browser. They get a warning in the browser telling them to launch Z App, not an authentication prompt.

If they are able to authenticate in the browser, it sounds like the traffic is leaving out through an existing Tunnel and not Z App.

(Ramesh M) #5

Thanks. Let me collect more information from the engineer who is interacting with customer and get back to you.

(Ramesh M) #6

Hi David Creedy,
Customer is tested in open internet. He is getting “page cannot be displayed” when not connected the ZAPP. Instead he is looking for some kind of notification to connect ZAPP if zapp not connected.

Regards / Ramesh M

(David Creedy) #7

Are they visiting an HTTPS page, or HTTP? If it’s the former, can they try an HTTP page, and see if this displays the strict enforcement warning?



(Ramesh M) #8

Hi David,
Thanks for your response.
Can I have the sample strict enforcement warning message to show case this with customer?

Regards / Ramesh M

(Ramesh M) #9

May I ask you, the sample screen shot for strict enforcement warning message

(David Creedy) #10

Hi Ramesh,

It should look similar to this:

(Ramesh M) #11

Hi David,
My customer would like to see this kind of warning if they access HTTS sites first.

Regards / Ramesh M

(David Creedy) #12

Hi Ramesh,

Due to the nature of HTTPS it’s not really possible today.
We do have some ERs tracking this, if you can message me the customer name I can add them to the ER.



(Ramesh M) #13

Hi David,
Sent you a message with customer name.

Regards Ramesh M