Internet Access Bypass

Hello everyone !
I have a problem when using ZIA through the Z-tunnel 1.0. On Windows, the proxy always blocks access to Internet, but with MacOs all the flows are not blocked. It is possible to bypass the proxy when using a mobile browser or a vm.
Would you know if Zscaler requires a different configuration on Mac?

Many thanks,

There are separate App Profiles for different OS.


Nick, to add to what the last person stated… those OS-specific App Profiles they highlighted can have their own Forwarding Profile as well. Look for FORWARDING PROFILE ACTION FOR ZIA in the forwarding profile to select which action you’d like the client to take. You’ll notice that ‘None’ does not tunnel any traffic. You can create specific App Profiles, then tie them to a Forwarding Profile that maybe in your case for ZIA is set to ‘None’. Hope that helps.