Intune - deployment from Azure

(Scott Bullock) #1

Has anyone tries, tested or aware of successful deployment of Zscaler App from Intune?


(Lior) #2

Hey Skottie,
We have one such deployment. what do you need to know?

(Scott Bullock) #3

Anything you can share really… Is it as easy as following this doc --> Any gotchas we should look or for or document specific to Zscaler App?

(Lior) #4

This KB seems fine, but I would test it on a test environment first.
I know there were many changes to Intune lately.

(David Creedy) #5


For deploying the app, this is standard across all MDMs, if they support the base functions from the device vendors pushing the application is the same. This mainly applies to iOS and Android devices though. For Windows, Z App isn’t a UWP app, so the traditional Windows MDM application push will not work, the MDM needs to be able to push the .exe or .msi for it to install.



(Scott Bullock) #6

Thanks David.

Intune clams being able to push MSI with Windows 10, though I can’t yet verify whether it supports installer customisations nor verify how it delivers files to deployed Windows assets. #ToTheLab :slight_smile: