Intune - ZApp Deployment on IOS

(Andrew Skinner) #1

Howdy Folks,

Shamelessly hoping to leverage off someone else’s work.

I’ve got a ZIA only customer that’s looking to deploy Z-APP via Intune to their fleet of IOS devices. Most of the reference documentation from Zscaler and Microsoft for Intune deployments references ZPA. Does anyone know if the same process as described in the below docs applies to ZIA only customers, specifically in regards to the VPN profile:

I’m assuming it does but would be good to have validation.

Environmental Info:

  • Currently they’re still using on-prem ADFS instead of AAD for their IDP (understand this means that auth can’t be bypassed)
  • Using Intune Cloud (not hybrid)


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(Scott Bullock) #2

Hi @askinner, Intune with Zscaler App for ZIA only works fine, I recently labbed pushing Zscaler App via Intune. Intune was able to push all the needed configuration, user launched the app, automatically directed to the IDP and logged in.

ZPA is just another SAML auth redirect on top of this.