Ip adress of the server from where the request is arriving to zscaler

Currently I use the zapp to forward my traffic to the zens (from the internal network and the external network and everything works well.
And when I type ip.zscaler.com to check that my traffic goes through zscaler, I can see that it goes through this one.
But I have something that I don’t understand why on the first line “Your request is arriving at this server from the IP address”, I have a zscaler address and not my public address ?

The output says, your request to the website “http://ip.zscaler.com” forwared through Zscaler Zen ( In order to find your public IP address, check the last line in that page

Your Gateway IP Address is X.X.X.X

Ganesh Krishnan

Thank you for your reply !
yes I can see that my public IP address is on the gateway line.
But my question is this :
Since “The Zscaler proxy virtual IP is” is the IP address of the ZEN through which my traffic passes
“Your request is arriving at this server from the IP address”
corresponds to wich address?

That should be the actual IP of the Zscaler appliance the traffic has arrived.

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Jones Leung

SE Manager, Greater China

Zscaler, Inc

Thank you for your reponse.
yes I understood that this is the address from which traffic arrives to zscaler
but the traffic normally arrives from my public internet address, why it displays an address of zscaler?
I do not understand how is the routing of traffic from the internal network to the ZEN ?

Hi ,
IP is exact proxy server or SMA (as per Zscaler) which handles your traffic. The IP is their load balance server. Whereas the webpage http://ip.zscaler.com is not zscaler proxy server, it a website to check zscaler connectivity.


Connectivity flow:
Machine (private IP) ----> NAT device(Public IP)------> Zscaler Loadbalancer -----> Zscaler SMA server—> ip.zscaler.com

First line can be interpreted as
"Your request is arriving at this server( ip.zscaler.com webpage) from the IP address Zscaler SMA server.

Hope it helps

Ganesh Krishnan


Thank you for this explanation.
It’s more clear now.

thank you very much.