Ip.zscslergov.com for Federal customers


Will Zscaler make ip.zscalergov.com available to Federal customers? Alternatively, is there a tool which could show a user authentication status on zscalergov? In commercial cloud there is http://ip.zscaler.com/ unfortunately this does not work with zscalergov.

Hi Alex,

Not sure if it’s available to you but please try the new Speedtest from Zscaler which ONLY works for authenticated users I’ve been told.

Another alternative which wont show you authentication status but hopefully your SME details is this old Easter Egg

Kindly let me know if either of these are of any help


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Speedtest http://speedtest.zscaler.com/ works. It shows the username and ZScaler node where the user is connected to. did not work for me. May be bc we use IPSEC for the traffic forwarding?
In any case Speedtest from ZScaler is good enough.

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Hello Alex,
You are correct. The trick only works when Zscaler Client Connector is installed. I’m glad the speedtest site worked for you.

Warm Regards,

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