iPhone & EE Network?


We’re deploying Zscaler into a customer and are facing some issues with mobile connectivity. iPhones on the EE network with the ZApp installed are not tunnelling traffic to ZScaler. When switching from cellular connectivity to WiFi, the tunneling works and Zscaler policies are being correctly applied.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue?

Many thanks!

IPv6 could be one issue .

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Hi Ramesh,

This was also my initial thought. Albeit EE do perform NAT64 within their network so the device can access IPv4 services. Interestingly when tethering a laptop to the mobile phone as a hotspot, the ZPA client can connect on the laptop without issue.



Hi Chris,

Do you know if EE is pure IPv6 or dual stack with IPv4 and 6? Z App on iOS doesn’t currently support pure IPv6 networks, while this is something we are working on, this might be the problem you are facing.



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Hi David,

Thanks for your response. On iPhones EE is IPv6 only with DNS 64 and NAT64 taking place within the EE network to allow access to ipv4 services. Android devices are dual stack ipv4 and ipv6 and work fine with the service so it sounds like that may well be the case.

Do you know when the Zscaler app for iphone is due to support IPv6 only?

Many thanks.

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I don’t have an ETA no, but we are working on this now.

One option that might be possible is to push an APN profile via MDM to the phones that sets the existing EE APN, but tells it to prefer IPv4, do you think this would work?

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