IPS Control has a default allow rule first in the default policy

So with the cloud bypass being the first default rule in the list i take it we should place a rule before these 2 default rules?

Please refer https://help.zscaler.com/zia/recommended-ips-control-policy, i hope this article will provide you clarification.

Yes, thank you. I have read this article before. When navigating to IPS policy, the new default setting for this policy is cloud bypass first in the list. I am guess this means if you have IPS control enabled for a location it will bypass it? If that is the case are people aware?

Hi @john_babio, that’s a fair question. We do cover default policies in our documentation (as per the link @Sheril_Nagoor shared) as well as in our training and certification packages. This something our certified partners and/or deployment advisory teams when consulting during deployment.

We may also highlight policy items during customer QBR’s, so I think it’s fair to day we do our best to ensure customers new and old should be aware of policy constructs.

Hope that helps clear things up and play any concerns.


No problem, understood. It has changed behavior from when it was in beta stage so I wasn’t aware the behavior would be different when arriving to production.